Its time to strap yourselves in and prepare for some full on robot action with the release of Strike Suit Zero!

Strike Suit Zero is available now from Gamersgate and Steam. This over the shoulder space blaster has you join the ranks of Mecha-space-jets, but lets take a look and see if you can run Strike Suit Zero system requirements...

Strike Suit Zero System Requirements

Strike Suit Zero Minimum System Requirements

OS: Win XP 64-bit Service Pack 2+

CPU: Intel Core 2 DUO 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon7450 Dual Core


GPU: Geforce GTS 250 or Radeon HD 4800 series

DX: 11

HD: 3 GB Free Space

AUDIO: Any Stereo Sound Card


Strike Suit Zero Recommended System Requirements

OS: Win 7 Service Pack 1 64-bit

CPU: Quad Core Processors

RAM: 8 GB memory

GPU: ATI Radeon 5850 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560

DX: 11

HD: 3 GB Free Space

AUDIO: Any 5.1 Sound Card

We had a chat with Strike Suit Zero developers last year and this is how it went down.

Its certainly unusual to see a game wanting that much power, one of the first to require 8GB of RAM, but then this is a PC focused title with DX 11 a must. Interestingly it only takes 3GB of hard drive space.

Heres the latest Strike Suit Zero launch trailer as well

Don't forget you can see how your rig holds up by going straight to the Strike Suit Zero System Requirements page!