CS: GO Deathmatch Update

Written by Chamod on Thu, Jan 24, 2013 12:13 AM
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Today, Valve has released a new update for one of their popular first person shooter titles, Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The new update itself weighs about 30MB. Even though it's pretty small, it contains many fixes and updates that'll affect the game and the game play, hugely...

These are all the changes that Valve has worked on this update:


- A new game mode has been added to matchmaking and offline play: Deathmatch.
- Weapon balance and recoil were adjusted with pro community input ( Thanks to J3Di, NiP, VeryGames, ESC, 4NOT, mTw, and FM TOXiC )
- In addition to global changes that affect all weapons, specific adjustments have been made to: rifles, pistols, and the P90.
- Weapon purchasing changes:
- The AWP's kill reward was increased from $50 to $100.
- The Glock is now a Terrorist only weapon.
- The FiveseveN is now a CT only weapon.
- The Terrorists' molotov price has been reduced to $500. The CT's incendiary grenade remains $850.
- Note that the pistol arrangement has changed in the buymenu.

- The messaging system has been converted to protobuf.
- Demos recorded with previous versions of CS:GO will not be compatible as of this update. In order to view old demos, set your 'beta' to 'demo_viewer' in the CS:GO betas property panel, in Steam. Don't forget to set it back to 'NONE' when you want to play online again.
- If you are running SourceMod on your server, you will need to update to the latest version. For details, see: http://www.sourcemod.net/index.php

- Added some performance improvements for low-end clients.
- Fixed some fence materials that were allowing players to see through smoke grenades.
- GOTV spectator UI will now correctly show kevlar and helmet information for players.
- Avatars will now correctly load for all players when connected to a GOTV server or when watching a demo.
- Added support to notify players during servers maintenance downtime.
- Fixed a dedicated server exploit where community dedicated servers could masquerade as official and get players searching for official game modes connected to them (saigns.de)
- Fixed a rare problem when clients matchmaking for Classic Competitive game could be stuck on green Accept screen
- Fixed a rare problem when clients could connect to a Classic Competitive game and then later be disconnected for failing to accept the match.
- Improved algorithm pinging whitelisted dedicated servers when searching for Classic Competitive games, pinging less addresses fixes occasional problems for some customers where address translation tables on their routers would fill up and their routers would fail to route required packets to display the green Accept screen.
- Added support for mm_dedicated_search_maxping to restrict client's ping when matchmaking for Classic Competitive games. ( Matchmaking algorithm will still be prioritizing best servers to minimize ping of all party members. )
- Fixed a rare server crash when bots attempted to shoot the bomb defuser.
- Fixed a client crash when downloading a lot of custom assets from community servers."

Before the update, you weren't able to get quick access to deathmatch mode via the matchmaking menu, you've to access to deathmatch servers via the community server browser. You can still access to deathmatch servers via the community server browser, but this update makes it easier to join deathmatch servers.

In Deathmatch mode, you've to kill as many players as you can from the enemy team. If you die, you can respawn just like in the Arms Race mode.

We're sure that the increase in AWP kill reward money to $100 from $50 was update that many players were looking forward to, specially sniper players. If you're not familiar with Counter Strike: Global Offensive and wondering what kill reward money does; You can use that money to purchase guns in upcoming/current round if you have enough time left to buy more weapons. Also, AWP is one of the expensive guns in Counter Strike: Global Offensive,

Also, the adjustements in recoil going along with the weapon balance seem to be pretty interesting. They've been adjusted by many professional players, so we're pretty sure that they'll be good adjustements.

It looks like they've fixed "some fence materials that were allowing players to see through smoke grenades." It was very unfair for many players, specially for the counter terorrist team/bomb defusing team. Also, was used in competitive plays very often, before this patch came out.

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