Bethesda have released a small statement about The Elder Scrolls Online System Requirements, although unfortunately not exact details

The game should be "playable on any PC or Mac purchased within the last 5 years"...

The Elder Scrolls Online System Requirements Will Be Gentle

Bethesda do confirm that actual specs will be available closer to launch, but this is comforting none the less. Knowing Bethesda, they will want the game to look pretty, which means they are aiming for a very large range of graphics options - Something for all the family!

Don't forget, Beta signups are available now, with the beta start period yet to be announced. Make sure you come back and tell us if you get the lucky email!

A few points of note regarding the Elder Scrolls Online beta

1. You have to be 18 years or over

2. The Beta will be run in English, French and German

3. It is not confirmed that player character development will be carried over from Beta to the main game.

4. Character name reservation is not guaranteed from Beta to the main game

5. Mac users will also be invited into Beta

6. Certain Beta testers of The Elder Scrolls Online may be rewarded for their Beta assistance