Aliens: Colonial Marines is just two weeks away from being released, and an alleged Season Pass has been unveiled for the game.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Season Pass

Just like one of Gearbox's latest titles, Borderlands 2, Aliens is also getting four DLC, with release dates scheduled to release from March to Summer 2013...

The Season Pass is available in the product listing of different retailers such as Gamestop, Amazon and Green Man Gaming. The Season Pass offers a 33% discount considering the total DLC cost, priced at $30 in Amazon, which would lead to believe each of the four DLC the pass features costs $10. For GameStop and Green Man Gaming, the Season Pass gets a 10% discount off the base price, allowing for a $27 purchase.

That's enough math for me for today, but will the Season Pass content be enough for the price? Quoting the details of the product: "The Aliens: Colonial Marines Season Pass will give you access to campaign content, additional multiplayer maps, new modes, character customisation and more!" 

Additionally, the retailers claim: "If you purchase this Aliens: Colonial Marines Season Pass, all included content should be downloaded in-game and NOT from Steam, or you will be charged twice. Aliens: Colonial Marines game required (sold separately)", so if you are planning on getting it, make sure to be precise on your acquisition so you don't end up with empty funds on your wallet.

Neither Sega nor the game developer Gearbox Software has confirmed the existence of said Pass, so either retailers will find themselves removing the item from their lists (which often happens when this kind of 'leaks' happen), or the Publisher/Developer themselves officially announce the Season Pass and things stay as they are now.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will hit shelves February 12th, same date the Season Pass will become available for purchase.