In November last year, a GTA V Petition was launched, with the intent of showing Rockstar the opinions of the masses and making them reconsider a PC version.

GTA V Petition Reaches 150,000 Signatures

By the 27th, the petition had received 50,000 signatures, only to find the goal increasing to 100,000 signatures needed as they struggled for recognition...

The petition, posted in by Mike Julliard, started gaining attention, and in only two days reached 100,000 signatures on November 29th. Once again the bar raised, with 150,000 signatures showed as needed. Just a few days ago the petition crossed even that marker, and the petitions are still pushing for more. As fans keep pushing the milestones higher, they desperately hope that Rockstar will listen to them.

As of yet, Rockstar has only confirmed GTA V for Xbox 360 and PS3, scheduled to release on September 17th this year, while no news for a PC version have been publicly mentioned. The latest official words by Rockstar consisted in denying the rumours surrounding their much anticipated title making it to the next generation of consoles.

A spokesperson from Rockstar has said: "Literally the only reason we've delayed the release is because we want the game to be as good as it needs to be", addressing the September release date announced, opposite as the Spring 2013 schedule.

Grand Theft Auto is a franchise we've all enjoyed on our PCs, hence GTA V not coming for PC is a bitter pill to swallow. The petition reaching so many signatures will hopefully catch Rockstar's eye, despite the team saying that a PC version is only "up for consideration".

GTA V petiton can be found here.