Hardware Review - Logitech G500 Mouse

Written by phat_chopps on Thu, Jun 17, 2010 6:43 PM

I really like Logitech, let us just get that out in the open now. I'm not a hardcore fanboy, but I've always liked their products that I've used - keyboards, mice and headsets mainly. They seem to be one of those hardware manufacturers whose products you can buy with confidence. Indeed, I clung to my old Logitech MX518 until it turned cold and blue in my hands. There was even a day when I wouldn't have considered another mouse manufacturer. So does the G500 continue Logitech's wonderful lineage?

The gear behind the G500 is unquestionably great - up to 5700 dpi, adjustable weight cartridge, an estimated durability of 8 million clicks per button(!), a max acceleration of 30G. Whatever all this might mean, it certainly comes together beautifully in-game. Sweeping your crosshairs across the screen to administer some headshottage is a joyous pleasure. Clicking like a crazy fool to hoover up loot in Torchlight is easier than ever. This is a very good mouse indeed - sensitive, responsive and accurate.

I also liked the fact that the buttons to adjust the dpi are out of the way to side of the left mouse button, rather than next to the scroll wheel - no more accidentally switching up dpi as you line up that killer sniper shot. The extra, programmable button between the two side buttons is a nice touch, and was in a perfect location for me - I never accidentally depressed it when using the side buttons and it gave me a little extra something when gaming.

The weights are lovely too. Better than the ones that come with the Roccat Kone I previously reviewed - there are more of them so you can fine tune the weight better. Plus they come in a sexy tin with "G500" stamped across it, and it's always nice to have a sexy tin, don't you think?

Logitech have also improved the Setpoint software since I last updated. The old, bloated version I used with the MX518 is gone and a much more streamlined and effective version has replaced it. It's still a bit larger than other mouse software, but it's a huge improvement. Setting up individual gaming profiles is easy as pie, although I found Setpoint's ‘.exe' recognition a bit hit and miss. It didn't work at all with Oblivion, and wasn't always aware that I'd loaded Borderlands or Football Manager. Still, the fact that you can save unlimited profiles on your PC is far better than just having a handful of profiles available on your mouse's on-board memory.

However, the problem with the G500 is the Roccat. You see - and I'd promised myself I wouldn't compare the two - they spoilt me with the Kone. Performance-wise there's barely any difference, but the Logitech feels... cheaper (which it is.). The main buttons feel slightly too plasticky and lightweight, the side buttons too spongy, the mouse wheel isn't as solid, etc. I admit it's a personal thing - you may find the G500 much more to your liking, but I found the Roccat much nicer to use. I also didn't get on with the rather strange grip on the Logitech either (the plastic is rough in places) - it felt uncomfortable. I suppose it's there so your hand doesn't slip whilst clammily blasting your way through a Left 4 Dead session, but to me it felt like you were holding a cat's tongue, and that's just plain distracting. I don't like being aware of the mouse I'm gaming with - it should be a natural feeling - and highlighting the plastic with a rough surface just felt odd.

But enough of the negatives - make no mistakes, the G500 is a stupendous mouse. If you're looking for a new rodent then you'd be utterly mad to overlook this one, particularly as you can currently grab some great deals on it (you can probably save a good tenner over the Kone if you shop around).

So my Logitech love continues but now there's a sordid love triangle thanks to Roccat, and at the moment it's Roccat who have me slightly more aroused.



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