"We've got our publisher's PR crew here today. Maybe I should shake them up a little bit and leak something just for the fun of it." Christofer Sundberg, Avalanche Studio founder said in a Tweet.

Nothing like irritating your own PR department, and apparently, this wasn't an idle threat; Christofer delivered...

Just Cause Creator Leaks Blurry Teaser Image

A few minutes later he uploaded an instagram picture, saying:

"We're making awesome games at #avalanchestudios! This year will be awesome! #yearoftheavalanche".

The picture, below, has caused a fair bit of speculation - what is that man holding? If it's the iconic grappling hook, then the game being worked on is almost certainly Just Cause 3. Of course, the studio are also known to be bringing out another Mad Max game, so who knows?

What do you think he's holding? Some people think it might be a hammer or a wrench...tell us below!