There's been a lot of flak going around about the recently released Aliens: Colonial Marines. Many people are not too happy with it, and there's a bit of a blame game going on with the developers.

So we decided to bloody things up further by letting loose our hatchetman, Gregsuarez, to take a look at Aliens: Colonial Marines...

Intro To: Aliens: Colonial Marines Review By GD

Gregsuarez Reviews Aliens: Colonial Marines

There are certain pop culture franchises that are nothing if not completely sacrosanct to their fan bases. Star Wars comes to mind, as does Lord of the Rings. The Aliens series certainly fits this mold. Enjoying more than 30 years of ruling the “Scary Thing From Space” throne, the H.R. Giger designed xenomorph has reaped the success of multiple movies, Predator crossovers, graphic novels, and, of course, video games. A frighteningly swift, mindless, quickly reproducing, acid bleeding ball of murder, Ms. Xeno has deposited many an egg sac of fear into the hearts of sci-fi geeks around the globe for more than a generation.

With Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gearbox Games, along with co-developers Nerve Software and TimeGate Studios, has (attempted to) deliver the ultimate love letter to the Aliens series. The game has all the familiar environments, sounds, atmosphere, acid blood, weaponry, HUD fonts, power loaders, etc. of an authentic Aliens experience.

The one tiny, little thing the developers forgot was gameplay.

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