Leviathan Warships is a strategy game by Paradox interactive, that will allow cross platform play between virtually every gaming platform out there!

Sit at home with your feet up as your ships demolish your friend's navy, while he sits on the train on his iPad. That is, if you meet the Leviathan Warships System Requirements...

Leviathan Warships System Requirements and Beta Test

Leviathan Warships Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP + Most recent Service Pack

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz or AMD Athlon 64 3500+

RAM: 2GB Memory

GPU: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or ATI Radeon X1900

DX: DX 9

HDD: 800MB Free Hard Drive Space

Unsurprisingly light requirements given the game will be cross platform.

Its also in Beta, and now open for signups and if you get in, you will have guarenteed access to all future beta periods for it as well!

The game looks like a fascinating mix of styles - the actual combat section, which plays like an RTS, and the fitting window, where you get to completely customise your ships with different weapons, shields, and mobility stats. Do you load down your ship with one behemoth of a gun that points forward, but risk being attacked from the side or behind? Or do you go for lighter guns that have a wide firing arc? Or do you want a more defended ship, merely acting as bait while your aggressive destroyers do the damage?

It looks like a winning combination for Paradox - Large scale multiplayer action, easily accessible yet with masses of replay value as you keep trying new strategies. What do you guys think?