CDProjektRed is starting to give more and more details away about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They've also touched on the subject of next-gen consoles briefly.

Let's see what they have in stores for us today...

Monster Hunting - aka CSI

The 'Monster Hunting Mode' will be a new mode being introduced in the Witcher 3. CDProjektRed: "Monster Hunting is a way for Geralt to make money, it basically brings the food on the table just like in the books."

It seems simple, but that wouldn't fit the ambitious developers. CDProjektRed: "We have two types of monster-hunting, one is more narrative and is connected to side-quests in the game". This seems very similar to how it is currently in The Witcher 2, where you take your assignments from posters, kill the monsters and claim your prize.

CDProjektRed: "The other one is gameplay, for example when you come in a town you can view a poster and take the job, for example find a missing person." Seems simple, but they also explain about 'The Witcher's Sensor System', with which you can search for clues at the crime-scene and track down your foe.

"Once you've found out who the killer is, you will have to enter his lair. You'll also have to prepare, by using potions, special gear, etc." It is also possible to do some research (through books) to find out your monster's weaknesses, and make your job of taking him out a lot easier.

Monster's also give rewarding prizes if your lucky, such as special crafting designs, meta gems, etc. This is an extra motivation to pick up your monster hunting ability. "We will have epic monsters, and they will have a lot of unique mechanics."

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News also appeared claiming that The Witcher 3 will make it to the next-gen consoles in 2014. This was confirmed by CDProjektRed. According to the developer the game will launch on all high-end consoles at once.

CDProjektRed: "We were very excited when we got asked some months back if we wanted to be one of the first developers to get early-access to the PlayStation 4. It was an exciting moment to participate with other legendary developers, such as Bethesda, EA, LucasArts, Ubisoft and Activision on an early PS4-game."

The developers at CDProjektRed announced earlier this month that The Witcher 3 will make it to the PC and next-gen consoles, but they now confirmed the development for the Playstation 4 is already in progress.


CDProjektRed on the PS4 hardware

The polish studio also shared their view on the hardware of the next-gen console: "The new hardware gives us the chance to create something amazing. We have had the opportunity to work with the console from it's birth, and to use our own REDengine 3 to reach the graphical-limit of the Playstation hardware. The console feels fresh and has creative solutions we would like to use in our game."

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