Every now and then, a game comes along that pulls you a step back from the game and gives you a proper look at the genre as a whole.

OSUBoarder has found White, an Indie shooter with a creative twist; Lets see what he thought...

365 D.o.G.-Day 55: White

Today’s game is an indie title that puts an original spin on the classic fps genre. White is a game that allows a sense of creativity in the game, though maybe not what you would think. While games like Far Cry or Crysis allow you creativity in your mode of attack, White allows a different sort of creativity.


                In this game you play as an unnamed character that roams around on white tabletops and canvases looking to create. With you in this world are these blob like creatures called Calvis that are squishy and release different colored fluid when they are shot or hit. The ‘goal’ is to create works of art using the colors flowing from these creatures. You can use a device resembling a magnet to move the Calvis around and thus create different shapes and patterns on the blank, white canvas. This pretty much sums up the extent of the game play but the real uniqueness of the game is the message that it portrays to the player.

                While I was playing the game, I was not sure whether I was delighted by the creativity and innovation of the game or the shear horror of making art from the injuring and killing of these creatures that seemed to be of no real nuisance to you individually. They do not attack you or intervene in your activities in any way. Really the game is sort of a commentary of how violent the fps genre can be. Many times we overlook the violence of these games in favor of just completing the objective or we think that this is the norm in video games, which to an extent it has become. In reality, this game speaks to both sides of the violence in video games. On one hand it shows how messed up these games are when you take them at face value. Here you are killing these beings that have done nothing to you. Many games show random killing as no big deal and this game does a lot to emphasize that. At the same time, we as gamers do not play games just to kill or feel like psychotic serial killers. We play these games because we take delight in the challenges of the actual games, be it capturing the flag or making it to a certain spot before the enemy does. Killing is simply a means of providing an obstacle to overcome or to use as a way to hinder the opponent. In this game the shooting is used as a means to create, but we recognize the vulgarity through the over exaggeration that this title provides. Visually this game is also rather impressive as it takes on a cartoonish look that still looks well done. This choice of cartoon animation also makes the game distant from the violence that is portraying.

Final Thoughts

                This game did something that not many games have managed to do…it made me think. It pointed out both sides of the argument on game violence. It shows us that the games can be incredibly violent but at the same time it demonstrates how killing and violence is not ultimately the end goal or purpose but rather a means to the game. In reality, games like CoD can be related to the childhood game like freeze tag. Your goal was to get the other team but they could also get you and force you to take a break from the action, much like respawn time in a game; the base concept is the same. I recommend that you check out this game and decide for yourself what the game says to you. You can download the game for free from the home site.

I couldn't get any decent screenshots when I played so here is their trailer video.