In the Witcher 3, you will be able to experience at least 50 hours of gameplay; and that's just the main storyline! Of course on top of that that you will have the possibility to explore the massive open world and do side quests.

Let's have a look at what else we know about Geralt's final outing...

The Witcher 3 To Have At Least 50 Hours Of Storyline

Whilst you play through the main-story, you will experience about 50 hours of gameplay, as mentioned earlier. This main-story will have three different endings, however the background story of Geralt will be the same. Every ending will contain it's own one hour epilogue.

Save games from the previous games can also be imported, which will, depending on your story within these save games, make old characters re-appear and behave in a certain way towards Geralt.

Geralt also picked up some new moves within The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He now knows how to climb, jump and ride horses. The combat system will also be adjusted, and certain body parts can be selected and attacked, in slow-motion. The Witcher 3 will also have a dynamic economy. Prices will be adjusted based on which item and the quantity are bought in a certain place.

The player will be holding it's residence in the world's capital city 'Novigrad'. The city has been highly affected by the enduring war. The night and day cycle will also be brought back from it's predecessor. This cycles will also influence the places you can visit and what monster you will encounter.

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