I've been asked if there is a Game Debate DOTA 2 team, and found that there wasn't one at all!

Well its time to remedy that, come leave a comment if you're interested...

GD DOTA 2 Teams - Are You Guys Interested?

If anyone who is interested in playing some DOTA 2 as a 5 man team, please leave your comments below. In your comment, please put what sort of skill level you'd like to be considered for (beginner, intermediate, and high skill), as well as your total number of games played. Feel free to add your preferred style of play/class, eg. Mids, offlane, whatever.

So far the plan is to just have three teams, but we can support more if there's enough interest! There will be opportunities to move between teams, so don't be too concerned about where you start, it will just be so everyone playing together is having the most fun they can!

Any further ideas or comments, please leave them below!