Mechwarrior 4 for Free

Written by Felix Nova on Fri, Jul 10, 2009 8:45 AM

As you have probably noticed a new Mechwarrior game has been announced on Game-Debate. Based on BattleTech, the Mechwarrior franchise has sat dormant for a few years now. Microsoft held the licence for a while and was approached by Smith & Tinker and Piranha with an interest to rekindle the giant robot universe, where you can drive and fight mechanised robots the size of tower blocks armed with advanced weaponary. Microsoft accepted and sold the rights.

In celebration of the 25th Battletech anniversary and to help build the games popularity, Smith & Tinker have announced that they are authorising to give out Mechwarrior 4 as a free download. is an on-line community founded by Vince ‘VAM’ McMullin in 1999 to provide free downloadable content and tools, developed in-house, for the Mechwarrior series of video games. To date, MekTek has released 3 major fan made Mechwarrior 4 content expansions (known as MekPaks) and has the final iteration (known as MP4) in development.’

The download of Mechwarrior 4 is not available yet as they are probably preparing the game for modern operating systems but we will be keeping our eye on this. No news has been given about the strategy side of the franchise, Mech Commander. makes Game-Debate proud to be a part of the pc gaming platform and the World Wide Web.

The new Mechwarrior game details can be found here

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