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Firaxis have decided on another wave of features they'd like to add to Civilization V, and will be releasing this newest expansion, Civ V: Brave New World, this summer.

Updated features include trade routes, an overhauled culture and tourism system, and even more different civilizations...

Next Civilisation V Expansion Brave New World Detailed

Although we can only be told about Poland at the moment, there are a total of 9 new Civs to try, each of course with different units and perks. There will also be new Wonders to build.

One interesting feature is the trade routes - trading is now down by actual movement of units; which means you must be careful of enemies stopping your trade! Religion and Ideology (the overhauled culture system) will also travel via trade routes, and of course longer trade routes get you more money...

The World Congress is a new diplomacy platform that can be used to implement trade sanctions on other players, or make agreements about Nuclear Weapons. This congress should make diplomacy that much more useful in the game.

Finally, dig up the sites of old battles and capture your works of art; Tourism is a real display of your culture, demonstrating how incredible your civilization is compared to other people's, and even making their citizens unhappy because of it!

With many new ways to play the game, and what seems like masses of content, this new expansion could well be a necessary pick up.

Do you often find yourself wanting to plunder enemy trade routes? Have you had that desperate itch to play as Poland? Tell us below!