Star Wars The Old Republic Space Ships

Written by Felix Nova on Tue, Jul 27, 2010 9:39 AM
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At the brilliant Comic Con it was announced by the SW TOR Developers, Bioware, that space travel, ships and combat will be included within the monster MMO.

We can not provide much data or images on this at present because the chaps over at PC Gamer have an exclusive for their next magazine. There you go guys, a free plug.

The forum community manager, Sean Dahlberg confirmed the announcment with the following

"...You've heard the announcement that we will indeed have Space Combat as part of the TOR experience!" Dahlberg posted. "But what does that mean? Space combat is an alternative gameplay experience to the primary game of storytelling, questing, and ground-based combat. In space combat, you fly your personal ship to various 'hot spots' on your galaxy map. From there, you will blast your way through asteroid fields, enemy fighters, frigates, destroyers, and a variety of other obstacles that will evoke memories of some of the great Star Wars space battles."

Well I can tell you there is a fair amount of excitement buzzing around this, here in GD Towers.

With all this backing and the hallmark of the Star Wars franchise this is shaping up to be, dare I say it, the first real MMO contender for the mighty WoW. It will be interesting to see how things go when Cataclysm shakes the WoW universe. If people are too disturbed by it then they will likely flood to something new like SW TOR.

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