CD Projekt Red are anything but restrained; a recently released Strategy document has details of their expanding plans for the next few years.

This year we should be seeing a PR centric branch of CD Projekt RED opening in the US, as well as a possible Witcher tabletop RPG...

CD Projekt RED To Open US Office This Year

Although the original document is in Polish, some kind people on the forums were good enough to translate the interesting bits for us. The plan this year:

- open REDkit beta and further support of the modding community

- premiere of the first non-computer game set in the Witcher world

- launch of a local branch of CD Projekt RED in the United States, focused on marketing and PR for both Americas, especially the US.

The improved services for Modders will certainly be well received, and we have to be curious as to the non-computer game they are making. Translating errors accounted for, it will probably be a tabletop RPG or a board game, or possibly trading cards. It has been reported that CDPR have started selling digital books and comics, including pen and paper RPG's.

Their future plans up to 2016:

- launch of The Witcher 3 for at least three strong platforms including PC and PS4

- launch of Cyberpunk 2077

- two smaller (about 20 hours of gameplay) but top-quality games supporting one of the product lines

- a cross-platform mobile game based on one of CDPR's brands

- start of license sales for REDengine

- long-term Witcher 3 support involving completely new mechanisms

- launch of the full version of the REDkit and further modding community support

- launch of further local CDPR branches in key territories

This will definitely please fans; two more games in one of the excellent IP's owned by CD Projekt RED, as well as massive overhauls of The Witcher 3. With any other studio, we might be worried that they were "milking" their IP too much, but I think we can trust CDPR to be sensible.

On top of that, they are clearly planning for success with the launches of The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, envisioning even more offices opening across the world.

So, what sort of games do you think will be released? What about that mobile game they mentioned? Tell us your thoughts.