Alan Asleep

Written by phat_chopps on Tue, Jul 14, 2009 7:04 PM
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In news that will come as a crushing blow to several PC gamers out there, Remedy have stated that Alan Wake development is now focused entirely on getting the XBox 360 (spit!) version finished.

Sam Lake, lead writer on the project said last week, “Yes, that’s correct. We are fully concentrated on the Xbox 360 version. Other than that the plans are up in the air and open. Once we get this version done we’ll see.”

What does this mean for the PC version? Who knows. Rumours abound (including, alarmingly, that it may not come to the PC at all) but it does seem certain that we may not see A.Wake on the PC for a while yet.

Come, vent your spleen in the Alan Wake discussion area.

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