The Witcher 3 hasn't even been announced for that long, and yet we already know so much about the anticipated sequel.

And now, thanks to GDC, we know even more; lets see what's new...

The Witcher 3 - What We Know

Much of what was confirmed at GDC we already knew, but it's nice to hear it for certain. The Witcher 3 will be Geralt's final adventure, and absolutely huge; around 35 times bigger than the previous game. All of it is completely open world, and all 100 hours+ of content can be done in whatever order you desire.

Part of the game that CD Projekt Red have been emphasising a lot is how your actions have consequences. This is evidenced by the 36 different, world changing events that you take part in, which will change everyone's opinion of you and how they react. On top of this, there are 3 separate, playable endings (hopefully not just different coloured versions of the same ending...)

The combat system has been overhauled, with Geralt acting more confident against weaker foes he can easily defeat. The Quicktime events the previous game sported have been removed completely, and the Witcher's Signs have been updated - there's now 10 instead of 5, and there are unlockable secondary casting modes for each.

Alchemy is being revamped to make it somewhat more viable, which adds to the fact that you can now drink potions in battle, even healing potions. The toxicity mechanic has remained however, so you can't just keep chugging them.

There will be rideable horses and ships, as well as the ability for horseback combat - but CDPR pointed out that Geralt doesn't fight like that, so it will be less effective than fighting on foot.

Finally CDPR said that there won't be DRM on their game, instead using the time and effort to make the game something people will want to pay for and support.

So, that's the latest round up, and we probably won't hear many details after this so that the story isn't spoiled. Do you think this outing will be a fitting end to Geralt's story? Tell us your thoughts.