Civ V Complete World Leaders

Written by Felix Nova on Wed, Aug 25, 2010 9:32 AM
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The Civilization 5 leaders have been completely listed now.

So here we go, a brief run down

Leader: George Washington
Special Ability: Manifest Destiny
Special Unit: B17
Special Unit: Minutemen


Leader: Harun al-Rashid
Special Ability: Trade Caravans
Special Unit: Camel Archers
Special Building: Bazaar


Leader: Montezuma
Special Ability: Sacrificial Captives
Special Unit: Jaguar
Special Building: Floating Gardens


Leader: Wu Zetian
Special Ability: Art of War
Special Unit: Cho-Ko-Nue
Special Building - Paper Maker


Leader: Ramesses II
Special Ability: Monument Builders
Special Unit: War Chariot
Special Building: Burial Tomb


Leader: Elizabeth I
Special Ability: Sun Never Sets
Special Unit: Longbowman
Special Unit: Ship of the Line


Leader: Napoleon Bonaparte
Special Ability: Ancien Regime
Special Unit: Foreign Legion
Special Unit: Musketeer


Leader: Otto Von Bismarck
Special Ability: Furor Teutonicus
Special Unit: Landsknecht
Special Unit: Panzer


Leader: Alexander
Special Ability: Hellenic League
Special Unit: Champion Cavalry
Special Unit: Hoplite


Leader: Gandhi
Special Ability: Population Growth
Special Unit: War Elephant
Special Building: Mughal Fort


Leader: Hiawatha
Special Ability: The Great Warpath
Special Unit: Mohawk Warrior
Special Building: Longhouse


Leader: Oda Nobunaga
Special Ability: Bushido
Special Unit: Samurai
Special Unit: Zero


Leader: Suleiman the Magnificent
Special Ability: Barbary Corsairs
Special Unit: Janissary
Special Unit: Sipahi


Leader: Darius
Special Ability: Archaemenid Legacy
Special Unit: Immortal
Special Building: Satrap's Court


Leader: Augustus Caesar
Special Ability: The Glory of Rome
Special Unit: Ballista
Special Unit: Legion


Leader: Catherine
Special Ability: Siberian Riches
Special Unit: Cossack
Special Building: Krepost


Leader: Ramkhamhaeng
Special Ability: Father Governs Children
Special Unit: Naresuan's Elephant
Special Building: Wat


Leader: Askia
Special Ability - River Warlord
Special Unit - Mandekalu Cavalry
Special Building - Mud Pyramid Mosque


Leaders in further detail can be found here

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