Blood Bowl Update

Written by Felix Nova on Thu, Jul 23, 2009 12:11 PM
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Blood Bowl v1.0.1.4 Patch
Here are a list of the changes

- Players with the Chainsaw skill can't use Frenzy nor Multiple Block
- Knocked Out players with the Secret Weapon skill are now correctly sent off by referee at the start of a drive
- Blitzing with a knocked down player now correctly uses Blitz
- Fixed characteristic increase skills not working in some case
- Casualty SPPs are now properly awarded when apothecary is used on a casualty
- Added a limited number of in-game pauses in multiplayer
- Journeymen are now added before petty cash
- Teams can hire Star Players in the open league
- Private league owner can now change results of current day's games even if games have been played
- Regional public rooms have been added in the multiplayer lobby
- A multiplayer game where one of the player disconnects at the loading screen should now be discarded
- Multisampling has been set to 1 in the option

The patch is 27mbs. Keep em coming we say.

Patch link is here

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| 30FPS, Low, 1080p
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