Kerbal Space Program Clears Up Fan Fears Of Microtransaction DLC

Written by Andrew Moynihan on Wed, Apr 10, 2013 4:28 PM
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There were rumors abound recently after a GDC talk in which HarvesteR, a developer on Kerbal Space Program, talked about the development of the game and where it was heading.

What he meant isn't what the internet heard, so he has clarified his position...

The current model of Kerbal Space program is similar to that of minecraft - the game is released early for a cheaper price, and as the game gets closer to the final release, the price increases.

What caused the confusion was a discussion about the current Kerbal Development, which was not being directed very well:

"I saw that we were putting a huge amount of time and effort into resources processing in flight and such, and neglecting the mostly unstarted Career mode section of the game. We concluded that we needed to change our priorities a bit, and reorganize our goals so that we could move forward with development, and improve the most meaningful areas that are in need of attention."

He then went on to muse (on stream) that it would be fun to be able to revisit these advanced concepts in an expansion to Kerbals, in order to keep the advanced features for the advanced players who wanted them.

This naturally sounded far too much like the dreaded DLC to fans of the series, which is a valid concern - the game model for Kerbal Space Program is ripe for Microtransactions. HarvesteR has now clarified the statement in a recent blog post:

"What I said on the live stream were my own personal ideas, and those were meant in no way as any sort of official announcement on behalf of Squad. It was just me basically thinking out loud. There are no official plans for any sort of post-release project for KSP at this time.

Regardless of the above, there seems to have been a big misunderstanding of what I meant with 'Expansion' in the first place. To me, an Expansion pack to a game is something that is almost a whole other game in itself, not a small pack of content that could have been done as a mod. I would never even think to do something like that, and I sincerely hope no one really thinks we would ever betray our players like that.

And lastly, I realize that it was a big mistake to even bring up this topic, and for that I sincerely apologize. We are not an evil company, and you can rest assured we will do everything we can to make sure the complete version of KSP is as satisfying to everyone as possible, and that it becomes all that we hope it will be, a complete version that you can play for years to come."

This attitude shows that even indie developers are cautious about how they attempt to bring out extra game content and get it paid for. It highlights that developers do realise that gamers can be an asset rather than just another wallet to milk.

Have you guys tried Kerbal Space Program? Do you enjoy having to sweep the runway ready for launch attempt #48? Tell us below!

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05:16 Apr-12-2013

Not following EA steps? Way to go! :D

admin approved badge
08:00 Apr-11-2013

I bought this when this was $7 I think, I absolutely love it, awesome engine, mechanics, and physics, totally an awesome game!

07:56 Apr-11-2013

This game i want and have wanted for long already.
This game.

admin approved badge
07:55 Apr-11-2013

Excellent news, my faith in game developers has increased ;)


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