Hawken Gets Healing Technician Mech In Latest Update

Written by Andrew Moynihan on Thu, Apr 18, 2013 10:00 AM
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Hawken definitely don't mind switching up their game as this new patch shows; as the Developers try to tighten up the class distinctions, we'll see the Technician mech.

The technician will be a support and healing mech, but also capable of offence. There are a lot of other balances in the patch as well; check out some below...

Not only are many weapons being rebalanced to reduce burst damage (which should make the healing Technician more effective), but the UI is being worked on. The Devs say that they were unhappy with how information was presented to the players, so these changes should make a large difference.

There's a huge number of changes, so take a look at the complete log here.

One thing the devs are already saying about this patch is that natural teamwork has improved substantially, due to technicians helping the team in a support role. With a new high-priority target on each team, this should encourage some much more interesting play!

Hawken has been going backwards and forwards in its playable state for a long time now, and aims to continue until the game is balanced suitably, as well as having all the features desired.

Do and of you guys play Hawken? Have you been dying for a support class? Tell us below!

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00:26 Apr-19-2013

Nice this game has promise, Very demanding game and the PhysX adds a lot of detail.

admin approved badge
16:03 Apr-18-2013

Just another reason more for me to give this one a go :)


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