Just Cause 2 has various deep, underlying commentaries on the USA foreign policy and the like, none of which anyone pays attention to because Explosions!

Now you can explode your friends too with the ongoing testing of Just Cause Multiplayer, which is having a public beta this weekend...

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Beta Weekend Starts Saturday

Unfortunately the beta is still quite limited, as you are only allowed to play on the main server, and still only while the public server is up. Far be it for us to complain though, as you still get an entire 48 hours to stunt drive, fly, shoot and explode with the rest of the people on the server!

There's a countdown clock on the main site (here) which should turn into a magical download link for the client when the test is ready to go live on Saturday. Note that this patch test involves Steam Integration, so you will have to own a steam copy of Just Cause 2.

Keep an eye out for other GD gamers if you're trying it out, get in touch with them below, you'll need help to fight off the rest of the server and steal all the jets and GD Warriors always have your back. ;)

Leave a message if you're planning on playing this weekend in the comments below. How awesome do you think this mod is? Have you guys managed to play one of the previous tests?