As we mentioned before the weekend, the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer team were once more opening the servers for testing, and inviting you all to play.

Well it appears they want you all to have even more fun, and in a set of tweets this morning, they have extended the beta until the end of the week...

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Extended - Play All Week!

The download link is up on their front page if you don't already own the client, and currently the beta is quite limited - you can only join their server, and only when it's live. Having said that, the beta is free, and you have the whole of Panau to enjoy with your friends!

The incriminating messages:

So expect to see stability issues and compatability problems being patched left and right as the week goes on; make sure you check back after reporting any bugs to see if they've been fixed.

Did any of you guys manage to play over the weekend? How did you find it? Tell us below!