Although you've been able to get a few bits of Minecraft memorabilia from their store and a few officially licensed retailers, it's been on a somewhat ad-hoc basis.

Now, Mojang have signed a deal with an American company, Jazwares, for a line of plush toys and action figures...

Mojang Partners Up For Official Toys

Although this deal is set to make even more out of Minecraft's very strong brand identity, it seems a curious one; after all, when your in game figure has around 5 points of articulation, action figures don't seem terribly interesting!

More plush toys are always good of course; maybe in a few years we'll be seeing massive stuffed creepers ready to win at the fair!

This is after the recent news that there would be a few Minecraft books being published, including handbooks for topics such as Redstone and Combat.

What sort of Minecraft toys do you guys want? Or would you prefer memorabilia from other games instead? Tell us your thoughts!