It can be a challenge for games companies to come up with novel ways to spread the word of their game; one good example is the Epsilon Program.

This cult following exists in the Grand Theft Auto games, but now they're also on twitter, spreading links to GTA V videos...

New GTA V Footage Surfaces From Epsilon Program

The video doesn't contain much at all, just presumably an in game demo of the lighting and water engine, which does look pretty. The main cult page is here if you're interested, and portrays a classic cult money scam, offshore mailing address included - true to the cult in the GTA lore.

Take a look at the video:

The reason everyone is assuming this is real is due to the whole shebang being hosted on Rockstar's main page, as well as using the same methods used to tease GTA: San Andreas. It could naturally be a hoax, although one that doesn't venture too far.

What do you guys think? Is this real footage from GTAV? Or just some trickster having a joke? Tell us below!