Skullgirls is an action fighting game that will be coming out on PC later this year, and has recently done a very successful IndieGoGo campaign to fund the next DLC.

The DLC includes a character to be chosen by backer votes; something Paypal were unhappy with, causing them to temporarily hold the payment...

Skullgirls Crowdfunding Cash Held By Paypal

Paypal was concerned over the potential for people to withdraw their funding and demand reimbursement if their character of choice was not chosen for the DLC. Chargebacks, as credit/debit card based refunds are called, cost extra money; money which the Skullgirls devs don't have.

"The whole point of crowdfunding is to give us the money to develop stuff, not take out a loan." was the response from CEO Peter Bartholow. His first clue to the money being held was realising that he couldn't afford to pay the developers.

Luckily the situation has been resolved, at least partly; most of the $700,000 has been passed on to the developers, with $35,000 held back as collateral. Still, it's a worthwhile reminder that even though developers and customers alike are jumping on the crowdfunding bandwagon, there are still dangers to the process.

Skullgirls is due out for PC this summer, and has been out for over a year now on Xbox and the PSN.

Do you guys think banks and Paypal should worry about mass refunds following a crowdfunding project? Would you take back your funding if you didn't get the character you wanted? Tell us your thoughts.