It hasn't been long since Valve added custom map support to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Valve has started a new event called "Operation Payback", providing access to play these custom maps on official servers, for a small fee...

The Operation Payback pass provides access to 7 top-rated custom maps; Museum, Downtown, Thunder, Favela, Motel, Seaside, and Library until July 31st.

All the maps will be hosted on official CS: GO dedicated servers, and you can find them through a new sub category called (unsurprisingly) 'Operation Payback' in the 'Casual Competitive' mode.

The pass is sold for $5.99. As a limited time offer, it's currently on sale for $2.99. Money spent on the pass supports the developers of these custom maps. You can purchase the pass through the in-game menu.

Having this pass also provides the player with a new coin shaped badge that will be placed along side your avatar on the home screen of your game, to show you're a true community supporter.

Valve has said that 'Operation Payback' is only the beginning of supporting community map developers, so we will almost certainly be seeing these events in the future.

Do you guys play on custom maps a lot? Are they better than the official ones, or just more unbalanced? Tell us your thoughts!