In one of the several high profile game disasters this year, Aliens: Colonial Marines was released after several years of troubling development, to much disappointment.

The game, high profile as the Aliens franchise is, was reviewed far and wide; but embargo's stopped the public knowing what the game was really like until it was too late...

Aliens: Colonial Marines False Advertising Lawsuit To Go Forward

The only footage shown to the public prior to the release is rather different to the final game, and due to review embargo's the press could not warn the public what the game was really like.

This resulted in a lot of people buying the game via Pre-order or on the day of release, purely based on the initial trailers; something that has been branded false advertising. False advertising is of course illegal, and large companies have been burned with these lawsuits, but it doesn't happen very often in the games industry.

The Californian lawsuit is seeking damages for anyone who purchased the game when the reviews were still embargoed, and so had no way of knowing that the product they were buying was, in effect, broken.

Do you guys think there's a lot of false advertising in the games industry? Is it something you're used to, or should there be compensation? Tell us your thoughts!