Pop Cap mock top-popping bad ad!

Written by Stuart Thomas on Fri, Jul 31, 2009 11:24 AM
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If you've visited any popular videogame sites in the past couple of months you've probably not been able to miss those banner ads for web-based game Evony. You know the ones - with the generously-endowed woman... what is she an elf? Something like that. It's raised a few eyebrows among advertisers and webmasters alike due to its borderline Not-Safe-For-Work cleavageness.


Pop Cap, the people who brought us the surprise hit Plants vs. Zombies, have weighed in on the outrage with their own version. This kind of in-joke mocking can only be a good thing, and the sooner the videogame industry stops making its punters out to be lonely, sex-crazed teenagers the better.

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