We've all heard the stories of people dying after 40 hour game marathons in the East, and South Korea are attempting to put a stop to it.

A bill has been proposed which would add Video Games to the same category of goods as alcohol, drugs and gambling...

South Korea Tries To Regulate Video Games Like Drugs

This is reportedly due to the "addictive nature" of games, which is clearly just as strong as chemical addictions.

The bill would allow the government to interfere in large areas of the games industry. Here's what it says it can do:

“The governing body shall have the right to regulate manufacturing, distribution and sale of addictive substances and can also limit promotion of them as well."

Now, it's great that you don't get strong spirits being advertised to minors between their cartoons; but this could allow the government to limit promotion, as well as the development and sales of games.

Korea is well known for producing high calibre gamers, especially in the Starcraft scene, as well as numerous MMO's, such as Aion, Maplestory and TERA.

Do you guys think games should be catagorised with other dangerous, addictive substances? Will this bill pass do you think? Tell us below!