DOTA 2 is really pushing for its rightful status as an eSport, and The International is its Superbowl.

Valve have now announced the creation of an Interactive Compendium for the tournament, allowing you to win special items, follow the results and compete with your friends...

DOTA 2 Announces The International Interactive Compendium

In a very interesting (although somewhat predictable) route, Valve are making the Compendium worthwhile for not only you, but your favorite teams - 25% of the income from compendium sales will be added to the prizepool of the tournament! Given the prizes are already at $1.6m for the tournament, this years winners could walk away with huge amounts of money.

But what does it actually do? It acts as a "passport" to the tournament, according to Valve, letting you do activities such as making predictions on games and, naturally, winning items. Not only that, but you'll get to vote for your top 10 favorite players in the tournament - and watch them play a showmatch together!

And for those that are tired of Greevils and too poor for Snowls, you'll have your chance to get another colourful, customisable courier.

Anyone who's going to the International live will get a compendium with their ticket; are you guys going to buy one? They go on sale on Tuesday at 10am Pacific time, so tell us what you think!