Many of you will know of Garry's Mod, the small team project that is basically the minecraft of Half Life 2/Source games.

Gmod is a commonly used abbreviation for the game, but is also the name of a Mod tool that's just hit kickstarter - and they're mad...

Gmod And Garrys Mod - Surprisingly, Not The Same

Gmod is set to be a tool for easily installing and updating mods without having to mess around in the folders and files of the game. The kickstarter campaign sounds rather promising, although they are still a long way from their $75,000 goal.

One thing they are having issues with however is Garry's Mod, which many people in the community have been calling Gmod for years. Gmod is actually a trademark belonging to Olympus Games, the creators of the software, and have been threatening Garry Newman with legal action.

Reportedly, Olympus games either wants Newman to buy the Gmod name along with all the domain names and related twitter accounts, or else publicise that they are not affiliated, and attempt to force the community to no longer shorten the game name to Gmod.

This is all attempting to protect their trademark from being mixed up with an unrelated product, although Newman points out that's the opposite of what's happening. In a talk with VG247, Newman said:

"We would argue that it’s the opposite – people see their site and think ‘Is this Garry’s Mod?’. Also, Garry’s Mod pre-dates their trademark, as does the abbreviation of Garry’s Mod to GMod. As a bonus our game is called Garry’s Mod – not GMod. It’s only occasionally abbreviated to GMod out of convenience."

Since technically Newman has never officially used the Gmod name, he has done no wrong - and is willing to fight Olympus Games in court to prove it.

"In my opinion he should have rebranded years ago. I have no idea why he would even call it GMod. If he wants to take us to court over it we will fight it because we don’t believe we’re doing anything wrong"

So what do you guys think about the situation? Should Olympus games have re-branded, or are they trying to ride the Gmod name to get more publicity? Tell us your thoughts.