There's something incredible about being at the forefront of something. Being the first to go somewhere, try something.

It's what we're seeing so often with the Oculus rift, people pushing the boundaries. This time, we're watching Minecraft being played with the Oculus Rift...

More Oculus Demo's, This Time It's Minecraft - Don't Look Down

It's not terribly good yet, with the same problem with controls as usual and the inventory needs work. But my goodness, it does work, and if there's a game I want to look around and check out my magnificent creations in 3D, it's Minecraft.

Check out the video below:

Those of you who have vertigo are probably not too amused that he spawned at the top of a massive jungle tree. Otherwise, what do you guys think? How awesome would it be to walk around your cities and towers in 3D?  Tell us your thoughts!