Nowadays free games are considered to be boring and money grabbing, but at the end of the day they can still be free. Some of them are in fact very worth playing - we take a look at some of our favorites.

Now, it's worth noting that none of these games are your usual iOS mobile Candy Crush's, these are quality PC games who know that the more fun you have, the happier you'll be to pay for something in game...

5 Quality Free Games To Explore This Summer

This list will definitely fulfill your wish of getting a interesting free game to play. The games in the list can be easily downloaded from the Internet and played for free. Most games however are MMO games that can only be played only online, so if you don't have broadband internet this may not be the list for you.


The original DOTA gave birth to an entire genre. DOTA gave birth to MOBAs (Multi-player Online Battle Arenas). Now this genre is a massive hit in the gaming world. DOTA 2 is an updated version of DOTA and delivers nice playing experience. DOTA 2 features deep gameplay and eye-catching graphics, and all heroes are unlocked from the start, which is the main difference compared to...


League Of Legends

The biggest video game in the world in terms of overall player base. Like our previous game this is also a MOBA, and was released before DOTA 2 so in this way it is more popular but less eye-catching. This also has very deep gameplay like the previous one and requires a lot of strategy and skills to win. Such a nice game for free. You can play the rotating free hero pool every week, or use in game or out of game currency to buy your favorites to play whenever.



This game was the very first MMORPG game on the PC. This is just a competitor of WoW, which is not free to play, so eventually this is more popular the WoW. This game was not free from the beginning but moved to Free To Play. At the moment it was declared free, the audience massively increased.  Many of the users of this game think this to be a action RPG game. The gameplay and story-line are very addictive. The game requires lot of practice in hard mode to win. Tera is one of those MMOs which has superb graphics and this feature of Tera distinguishes it from other MMO games. Tera is perfect for those looking for a free game with addictive graphics.


Star Wars The Old Republic

This game was developed by BioWare. It decided to make this game free just a few days before its release. This is said to be a true competitor for WoW but is free and based on the famous Star Wars movies. One more reason for huge success is that this game is from BioWare, which is well known for creating games with deep and interesting storyline. This game does not have any cut-scenes but as BioWare is involved the game has many interesting story elements to keep the players interest. So, this is a huge success as both, BioWare and Star Wars, are involved in the development of the game.


Path Of Exile

Path of Exile is an online Action fantasy RPG. Developed by Grinding Gear Games this year. It enjoys a large number of subscribers. And positions itself as a competitor of Diablo 3. Gamers looking for a modern free Diablo alternative should play Path of Exile. They are still developing and currently in beta, which is available now to play. The stable version will be more interesting and will be released late this year.

So, the list of free games is huge but these are some of the best 5. So, are you going to play any of these games this summer or do you have suggestions of other awesome Free to Play PC titles?