The mighty Total War series can only be played on a PC. It is a shining emblem of what makes the PC platform so awesome. The game is lauded as pretty much the best historical strategy game you can get and for good reason.

On September 3rd 2013 Total War: Rome II will be released and we now have the Rome 2 Total War system requirements for you to see if your PC can run it...

Total War: Rome 2 System Requirements

Total War Rome 2 Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP

CPU: 2.0 GHz Dual Core or 2.6 GHz Single Core

RAM: Win XP - 1GB Memory & Win Vista/7/8 - 2GB Memory

GPU RAM: 512MB with VRAM and 3.0 Shader model

HD: 35GB of Free space

DX: 9.0c

NET: You are going to need an online connection to activate your copy of Rome 2

Total War Rome 2 Recommended System Requirements

OS:  Windows 7 / Windows 8

CPU: 2nd Gen Intel i5

RAM: Win XP - 2GB Memory & Win Vista/7/8 - 4GB Memory

GPU RAM: 1024MB with VRAM and 3.0 Shader model

DX: 11

So wow, thats some very weak minimum requirements, however we have updated our full requirements list on the Total War: Rome II game page so you can the recommended and GD adjusted requirements for Rome 2.

This opens the game up to many gamers no matter how old your system you are likely to be able to at least get a very stripped down version of the game running.

Despite those min requirements we strongly recommend getting a good quad core CPU for Rome 2. Something like an AMD FX-4100 would do. This will help by letting you increase the possible troop numbers per battle unit. It will also mean you dont have to wait an age while the computer calculates the other factions between game turns.

We still think that getting a pretty strong GPU, like a Nvidia GTX 560 Ti or AMD Radeon HD 7870 or better for Rome 2 would take away any worry about whether you can play the game in it s full visual glory or not. Freely allowing you to turn on the extra lighting features, rendering close ups of battling soldiers as they get caught with a flaming  arrow through the brains. Splendid!

RAM wise Rome 2 will only need 1GB when running in Windows XP, but to get the game to run without any issues in this department we will recommend at least 4GB.

Personally I am looking forward to seeing if they have managed to sort out the diplomacy and interaction between factions. This area of Total War has always been lacking despite their best efforts. After all, recreating human reactions is often more complex than just a clever algorithm, otherwise our PCs would already be chatting to us each day about what they like to get up to while we sleep. Think about that when you next consider game AI to be a bit stupid.

Sega are letting you pre-order Total War: Rome 2 now for £44.99 or $59.95