The largest tournament of the year for DOTA 2 players is starting up, with the Western Regional Qualifiers beginning today.

The winners will get a place in the final tournament, along with the winner of the Eastern qualifier, and one of the runners up. Best of all, you can watch all of the matches in your browser or via the client for free...

DOTA 2 International Qualifiers Begin Today - Free To Watch

Not only is this the largest DOTA 2 tournament, but it's approaching the most valuable eSports tournament to date; Valve are offering a Compendium for sale, a portion of the proceeds of which are being added to the prize pool.

The games will all be streamed live via the GD studio (not Game-Debate unfortunately) stream, including commentary and analysis during and between games. Also, kittens. The stream can be found here, or you can spectate from the real or spectator versions of the DOTA 2 client.

This qualifier will be running until the 19th, with the Eastern Qualifier starting next week from the 20th. Who are you guys supporting in the Western Qualifiers? Or maybe you prefer the Eastern teams? Tell us below!