Rockstar know what they have with the Grand Theft Auto series; a goldmine. Having said that, they look like they're going to outdo all of the previous games with GTA V.

We've got a few more screenshots below showing off the new protagonists in all of their glory...

The Three Muskateers Of GTA V

Rockstar are also very good at keeping interest high by regularly releasing updates and screenshots; but hey, we're not complaining! Check out the latest three below, showing off Franklin, Michael and Trevor:


The game is set to release on 17 September this year for the current gen consoles, and will most likely see rapid ports to the next generation consoles as well. Hopefully we'll also see a PC version sometime early next year, but there still hasn't been any official word on that.

How interesting do you guys think it will be to play with 3 main protagonists? Would you rather just play with one like in previous games? Tell us your thoughts!