Prize pools are big things in E-sports - many teams can only survive by winning tournaments throughout the year.

It's a matter of some pride then which game can give away the largest prize pool; something DOTA 2 has just beaten the record for...

The International Breaks Record For Largest eSports Prize Pool

The previous record was held by League of Legends, a competitor in the genre, who managed to give out $2 million US in their Season 2 World Championship. DOTA 2 started this year's International with the same prize pool as last year, $1.6 million, but have allowed the public to add to the pool by buying a Compendium.

The International isn't due to start for over two months, and the prize pool is expected to keep growing for a while longer, which could leave an impressive act for Riot to follow if they want the record back for their Season 3 Championships.

The Western Qualifiers are still going on for DOTA 2, with the Eastern Qualifiers starting next monday; are you guys going to watch all the games? Don't forget that watching the games in the client will upgrade your Compendium!

Tell us how big you think the prize pool will get below!