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This time, it's all about how you can pull off a proper Heist with your crew, from the planning to the execution...

How To Pull Off A Heist In GTA V

The heists are something of a side quest, but they sure look interesting. You will choose one of the three protagonists to lead each Heist, with each being specialised in different methods.

If you want a stealth heist you should go with Michael, but if you don't care about collateral damage you should definitely go with Trevor. The character performing the heist can hire goons and getaway drivers, or even hackers to aid in the action. These also come in different flavours.

Hiring seasoned pros will give you more time to collect the rewards as a heist can only last for about 2 and a half minutes. At the beginning of the heist you will be presented with a choice of how to approach the heist, and the game will present you with a group of options like your preferred exit, or if you want to go in guns blazing. Seasoned players can even plan their own heists, but this will lead to a much higher chance of getting caught or most probably killed by the city's finest.

In a city where you will actually get a ticket for breaking a red light, death is penalised heavily in the game. To ensure success, you may even have to get your gear for the heist, which requires completing side missions (side-side quests you could say).

So beware of the cops! We can see in the image above that the SWAT is now lunging from a car to catch you, so either play nicely or run faster!

What other sidequests would you like to see? Will the others have as much depth as the Heists mechanic? Tell us your thoughts!