The Superbowl is one of the most famous world sporting events, simply due to it's absurd scale and viewer numbers.

eSports aren't quite that big yet, but we're still seeing companies getting in on the action - Papa John's are giving 50% off if you're an eSports fan...

Papa Johns Playing To eSports Crowd

In what is going to be a fairly landmark trial event, US gamers who watch popular games including League of Legends, Starcraft II and DOTA 2 are being given the opportunity to support the teams they love and get cheap pizza too.

Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses are the main teams involved with this campaign, and as part of the money off process you have to choose who gets the credit for referencing you to the website. These teams will probably get some compensation, even if it's just some free pizza, so make sure you give credit where it's due!

If this campaign proves successful, we may see actual sponsors from non-gaming companies making their way into the eSports scene, which will provide it with a much needed boost in popularity.

If you want your cheap Pizza (US only unfortunately!) check out the promotional site here with all the instructions.

With The International DOTA 2 coming up, as well as the League of Legends Season 3 Championship, there will be plenty of opportunities to gather up some friends and watch the main events! Do you guys think we'll see more deals like this for gamers? Tell us what you think!