The Call of Juarez series traditionally takes us down the rough path of a no holds barred shooter set in the setting of a historic western.

The last CoJ title, The Cartel, tried to bring us into the modern times. It really failed badly. This time Ubisoft are going back to the roots. Even the title is making sure you know what you are going to get, Gunslinger. Lets take a look at the Call of Juarez: Gunslinger system requirements to see if you can run it...

Call Of Juarez Gunslinger System Requirements

First up let me point out that it seems like the days are gone where Ubisoft release PC games months after console dates. Lets hope this remains the case when the new consoles are sat in our living rooms later this year.

Call of Juarez Gunslinger Minimum System Requirements

OS: win XP (SP3) / win Vista® (SP2) / win 7 (SP1) / win 8

CPU: 2 GHz Intel® Core2 Duo / 2 GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2

RAM: 2 GB of system memory

GPU RAM: 512MB DirectX 9.0c capable

DX: 9.0c direct x

HD: 5 GB of free Hard Drive Space

AUDIO: DX 9.0c capable

OTHER: Any controller preferably an Xbox 360 controller for windows


Call of Juarez Gunslinger Recommended System Requirements

OS: win XP (SP3) / win Vista® (SP2) / win 7 (SP1) / win 8

CPU: 3 GHz Intel® Core2 Duo / 3 GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 or better

RAM: 4GB of system memory

GPU RAM: 1024MB DirectX 10 capable or higher

DX: 10 direct x

AUDIO: 5.1 surround sound


There we have it. One thing to point out is that Gunslinger does not seem to be too demanding for the average modern day PC.

A surprise turn for the series and Ubisoft, is that Gunslinger is releasing today as a budget price game, £11.99 on Steam. This represents the damage the last title caused to the series and that this release will either mark the rebirth or closure of the series depending on whether we buy it and rate it well.

Only time will tell. Our Call of Juarez Gunslinger review will be out shortly