If you've played DOTA 2 or League of Legends, you've probably seen the measures that are taking place which enforce bans or penalties for naughty players.

Both MOBA's let the community report players, and League uses a community judicial system; Valve are running with the same idea with Counterstrike: Global Offensive's new Overwatch system...

The Strength Of The Community - Counter Strike Gets Banning By Committee

If you are a Valve Overwatch Investigator, you will get notices when there is a reported case of cheating in the game. After watching a replay of 8 rounds of gameplay, the Investigator can then make a verdict on whether the person in question (known only as "The Suspect") actually cheated.

So far the system is only used for full on cheating, rather than offensive behaviour and other issues with online games. Still, it's another demonstration that Valve truly are trying to put more of the work and power in games in the hands of the community.

Do you think we'll start to see this sort of community policing in more games? Or will the system just get abused? Tell us below.