A company known as "1C-SoftClub" who also happens to be the Official publisher of GTA V in Russia, held a closed presentation of the Russian version of the game, in Moscow on May 23rd.

They Showcased 30 minutes of gameplay from the demo version of GTA V, in this process they leaked many details about the game, some of them were already shown on GD...

GTA 5 some more details

Here are the new leaked details:

- Sometimes damages (like wounds, injured by bullets…) will leave marks on the body of the characters forever.

- Background music (for the first time in the series)

- A military base hidden in the hills.

- Wild animals prey on each other.

- Colorful fish swim among the rocks under the sea.

- Motocross track and a hunting ground. Also you see tourists walking in the mountains, near the river and a few people go fishing, and more.

GTA V is coming on 17th of September for PS3, Xbox 360.

And still no hint at a PC version by Rockstar.