As you may already know, Rockstar Games usually don't have a booth at E3, and this year is no exception. Take-Two are also not doing a public showing, leaving us in the cold for any potential reveals.

The official E3 website however does have some gold for us, claiming the PC version of GTA V does indeed exist...

GTA V For PC Listed On Official E3 Site is one of the ESA's official channels, which details the games and publishers at the event. They have a page dedicated to GTA V, and interestingly PC is listed as one of GTA V's releasing platforms (alongside PS3 and Xbox 360).

E3insider has even updated the GTA V page to add the official release date recently, and they still haven't removed mention of the as-yet unannounced PC version.

Given that the lack of an officially announced PC version for GTA V has been stirring up gamers rather a lot recently, is this just an oversight, or is it a leak? When will we finally heard about the PC version officially? Tell us below!