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Steam's new Early Access area is designed to allow you to purchase games during Alpha and Beta periods, getting in early at the risk of a less polished product.

Most games are cheaper when bought in an Alpha state; but not Planetary Annihilation, who have set their early access price at $90, to much outrage...

Planetary Annihilation Alpha Now On Steam For 90 Dollars

This has caused a huge amount of complaints to the developers and to Steam. Metacritic has also seen recent crash in the user rating, which currently stands at 4.9/10.

Uber Entertainment have commented on the early access, saying that although they could have priced it lower as many other games do, and slowly raised the price to full retail upon completion, they chose not to. Their reasoning was that Kickstarter backers needed to pay the full $90 to get Alpha access, and lowering the price would cause an uproar with them - and rightfully so.

Many people seem to think that the game is trying to scalp people for money after they've already been successful on Kickstarter. Some people have been saying that pricing the alpha that high is "unfair to the steam community". Many of the complaints have been that the game is buggy and unpolished, seemingly ignoring the fact that the game is an Alpha, and so by definition buggy and unpolished.

So, we're curious what you think about it all. Should Uber be allowed to release the Alpha on Steam for the same price as the kickstarter backers paid for it? Or should this be priced lower, due to the "service" of people playtesting the alpha? Tell us your thoughts!