Nvidia Drivers me to drink.....

Written by Chopa on Sat, Aug 29, 2009 7:58 PM

Well, I've just been pwned....by my own video card!

  About 3 weeks ago I secumbed to the overwhelming pressure to buy a new rig.....My 6 year-old AMD Athlon based unit was getting long in the tooth and finally had it's Northbridge stormed and burned by Viking sprites.

  A new Asus CG5270 took it's place and until a few days ago I had nothing but nice things to say about it. I was new to Vista, quad cores and the Nvidia GT220 ..... And loving every minute of it! I've been heavily into "Heart of Iron III" as well as my old favourites "Mount & Blade" in it's "Europe 1200" mod and "IL2 1946" online. About a week ago as I took my victorious German nation into May '42 I finally suffered the HOI3 saved game crash. A forum pundit suggested latest video drivers as a fix, so I downloaded 190.62 from the Nvidia site and thats when my problems started. As a noob to Vista I had neglected to set up restore points and spent 2 days uninstalling and reinstalling various video drivers, BIOS upgrades, ASUS AI heatprobe monitor programs, power monitor programs before I finally got things turned around.

  The short version is: If you have a GT220 (or friends) stick with 185.85 (for Vista 64) drivers. Don't go to 192.62!!!!


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