Rezzed 2013 Full Schedule

Written by Shivam Kumar on Thu, Jun 20, 2013 11:43 AM
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As we mentioned earlier in the week, the Rezzed show will be happening this weekend in the UK and promises to show off loads of games.

The show has been fairly quiet about what exactly they'd be able to demonstrate and talk about, but we've finally got the weekend's schedule...

The event will be held over two days: the 22nd June (Saturday) and the 23rd June (Sunday), and it will run from 10am until 6pm on both days, at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham.

There are also some age restrictions to attend the event. Visitors must be above 16 to attend the event individually, otherwise you need parental supervision. There are also restrictions for entering some game areas; If you are under 18 then you will not be permitted to enter 18+ game areas, as you'd expect.

The event will feature many high impact titles as well as many games from Indie developers. There should also be some new announcements being made by various devs, so keep your ears peeled.

Take a look at the schedule:

22nd June 2013, Saturday

12:00 ~ Panel: How can new business models improve PC gaming? A round table discussion.

13:00 ~ Total War: Rome II Live Code Demo from Creative Assembly.

14:00 ~ A look back at Frozen Synapse and a look forward to Frozen Endzone.

15:00 ~ Showing of the new Dreamfall Chapters.

16:00 ~ More info about eagerly awaited new fantasy RPG, Project Eternity.

17:00 ~ Learn more about Sir, You Are Being Hunted, the game where artificial gentlemen hunt humans for sport.

23rd June 2013, Sunday

12:00 ~ Panel: Is storytelling in games getting any better? A round table discussion.

13:00 ~ Luftrausers vs. Hotline Miami, The comparison.

14:00 ~ One more Total War: Rome II Live Code Demo from Creative Assembly.

15:00 ~ Carbine Studios will showcase their upcoming science-fiction MMORPG title WildStar.

16:00 ~ Creative Assembly Game Jam.

17:00 ~ Dean Hall to share progress on standalone version of DayZ.


If you're not convinced there's going to be any games you want to see, here's a selection of some of the games that will be at the show - all of which will be playable.

    Company Of Heroes 2

    Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

    Total War: Rome II

    Prison Architect

    Ghost Recon Online

    Space Hulk

    Surgeon Simulator 2013 (with Oculus Rift Support)

Of course there will be many more games there, including loads of smaller indies; don't forget to say hi to them too! Do any of those panels look interesting, or are you just going to play the new games? Would you like to meet the devs and chat to them? Tell us below!

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11:36 Jul-19-2013

cant wait anymore

12:21 Jun-21-2013

can i run rome 2 total war on low settings ???
i have :
cpu: intel pentium dual-core 3.2 GHz
gpu:Nvidia geforce 8500 gt 512 MB
i play napoleon and empire total war on mid-high settings with 1680x1050 resolution
shogun 2 total war on low settings also with 1680x1

admin approved badge
06:30 Jun-21-2013

Classy...That Praetorian Guard wore pink band around his wrist :P

13:22 Jun-20-2013

I'd go only for Total War

admin approved badge
13:10 Jun-20-2013

Dean Hall &#603

12:05 Jun-20-2013

no watch_dogs ?

11:49 Jun-20-2013

Hotline Miami 2 cant wait.
or i can wait but yeah can wait


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