Distributed Denial Of Service attacks (DDOS) are the internet's equivalent of Torching a building - no matter who wants to use a service, good or bad, they can't.

While it's often used as a tool to protest major issues, sometimes it's just used for no reason other than it can be; and Just Cause 2 Multiplayer is the latest group in the crosshairs...

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Weekend Disrupted Due To DDOS

This weekend was planned to be another server test with the new shooting mechanic implemented, with a few hundred people running around the Islands of Panau, stealing planes and racing limos.

Unfortunately, only hours after the servers went up, they were brought down by a DDOS attack that continued throughout the day. Thanks to donations however the JCMP team were able to rent another server for Sunday which had basic DDOS protection, and will be looking into more prevention issues in the future.

If possible, another beta test will happen next weekend, July 6th/7th, although nothing is confirmed. The FPS issues that were found on the Sunday are also being fixed, and may take longer than a week.

So what do you guys think, was there a reason for someone to DDOS a game's test server? Did you manage to get into the game on Sunday? Tell us below!